Mid Century Modern solid Walnut kitchen

Ive been asked if i could do modern or mid century cabinetry because of my emphasis on Craftsman, tudor etc.  The answer is a very big yes. 

The luxurious feel of these cabinets is in large part due to the SOLID Walnut doors and drawer faces.  I decided to use solid wood vs plywood as it has so much interesting grain, color, warmth and depth vs the plywood which is very vertical and uniform in color.  

Mid century homes are my favorite style and I am thrilled to help make them updated, modern and clean yet respect their originality and their aesthetic needs.


The biggest challenge in this space was the hood surround.  Made from one large Walnut slab it angles out from the front and the sides so to allow continuous grain all around every cut had to be perfect!  A fun thing to make and the results are truly stunning in person.