Full custom Recalaimed Fir kitchen in the Greene and Green style

The owners of this stunning and historic Grant Park home were inspired by the kitchen in the iconic Gamble House in Pasadena.  I borrowed a few small details to use in their updated space and built it in "green" fashion from reclaimed Douglas Fir.  The result is warm and inviting yet spacious and organized.


The reclaimed wood used in this project came from a building on Swan island which is part of a shipyard.  It is vertical grained fir and imparts the warmest glow particularly at night.  If you are interested in custom reclaimed cabinetry give me a call.  Not many other cabinet shops have done eco friendly cabinets like we have.

The custom details in this kitchen were so fun to work on.  The tiny dish towel bar is made of douglas fir with the "rod" being lignum Vitae  it is extremely thin but as strong as a metal rod.  This is sometimes called Ironwood as it is so hard and dense it has historically been used to make propeller shaft bearings for ships.  I was able to get some of it from the shipyard which also had the recleimed fir used in the cabinetry.